This short video aims to demonstrate the Sketchup 3D environment.

A 3D model can provide both precise construction information, as well as depict an accurate visual concept.

To further explore the design of this set, the model was rendered using Vray (plugin) and further processed in Photoshop.




This short video allows us to 'walk through' a digital space.

Sketchup allows us to create scenes which 'bookmark' specified camera placement. These scenes can also be used to create animated sequences. Camera settings can also be specified, which is particularly useful in the context of film pre-production.

Vray and Photoshop were once again used to create a semi-realistic visualization of the concept.




The aim of this project was to explore the potential of a small back yard space. 

The Sketchup model was accurately geo-located, in order to perform a precise shadow study of the space. 

Using the geo-location function, we are able to asses light and shadow, specifying the exact date and time of day. This allows consideration of both summer and winter light.


For most recent work, please request my confidential film portfolio. (PDF) Due to strict non-disclosure agreements, I am not permitted to publicly display any work from unreleased projects.

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